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Hey Guys Im rotomination and Im a pretty good artist I mostly do pixel art but I love flash so I joined here I hope I can help all you guys with my artistic spriting skills (I mostly sprite pokemon beacause I just sprite them the best)

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Posted by Rotomination - July 14th, 2009

They finally have gotten a free flash maker but only for today so far I love it in my opinion is better then adobe flash pro
And now I can finally make a flash animation
Here is the link to it

So now Im working on a flash called "Building a Character"
Im trying to make it look as high quality as I can
It is kinda a tutorial but more for entertainment purposes

Comments are appreciated

Posted by Rotomination - July 13th, 2009

Yes I am looking for work as an assistant artist
Aside from the castle crasher remake I have free to to do my sprite art
Yet I haven't seen many advertisements for flash's wanting a sprite artist so I decided I will put in my journal I am looking for work
Here are some of my examples of sprite art
Fakemon 1
Fakemon 2

You can give me a offer either on the journal or a pm
Whichever one you prefer

Looking for work

Posted by Rotomination - June 28th, 2009

Well hello there
Castle crashers, I have never played it before and I was hoping they would have a flash demo of the game here just like alien hominid but they didn't So I decided If their not going to make a castle crashers demo here then I will make one myself
Now Right as I'm typing Im making a sprite sheet for the blue castle crasher I am going to make the castle crashers only as sprites. Now I am very skilled with sprites but I have no experience programming so I would need a programmer to help make this. Obviously.
Now Im thinking we can do maybe the first 3 levels of castle crashers.
And also adding the feature of multiplayer.
Now Since Im looking for a programmer I have made out an application

Programmer Application:

How long have you been programming:
Examples of any flash games you helped create/made:
Have you played Castle Crashers:

I will appreciate a pm thanks~

Posted by Rotomination - June 27th, 2009

Really I have submitted art for the art portal I don't know maybe a month ago and it still hasn't been enter in the portal. I don't know how long it takes to get entered in there but if it was deleted they should at least pm us. Im just wondering how long did it take for your art to get submitted

Posted by Rotomination - June 20th, 2009

I almost beat Whrilguys score on the button game

Almost got a medal

Posted by Rotomination - May 19th, 2009

Well I tried animating a flash in gimp and it worked (sorta)
Apparently gimp cannot Handle .swf files and I will have to find a file converter
form .gif to .swf
So please find some programs and give me some links to the converters so I can make the very first flash made with gimp thanks guys!

Posted by Rotomination - May 18th, 2009

Im trying to get into flash animation but I dont wanna buy macromedia flash player (No way Im paying 680$ for a program)
So Im figuring out "other" ways of making a flash on "other" programs
I currently have a theory you can make a flash on gimp (Not a flash game but a flash movie)
Here's my theory:
You go into gimp
Gimp has the capability of making animations so you make the animation
then go to save as then you save it as .swf
And you should have the flash animation
(This is just a theory It can be proven wrong like gimp wont save it as it is)
So anyways wish me luck