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Trying to get into flash animating

2009-05-18 18:44:43 by Rotomination

Im trying to get into flash animation but I dont wanna buy macromedia flash player (No way Im paying 680$ for a program)
So Im figuring out "other" ways of making a flash on "other" programs
I currently have a theory you can make a flash on gimp (Not a flash game but a flash movie)
Here's my theory:
You go into gimp
Gimp has the capability of making animations so you make the animation
then go to save as then you save it as .swf
And you should have the flash animation
(This is just a theory It can be proven wrong like gimp wont save it as it is)
So anyways wish me luck


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2009-05-18 19:06:55

windows movie maker, and a converter. both free.
get a paper route in your area and you will make 500 bucks in at the most 2 months.
sell your body to perverted gay old men, one night you have enough dough for the entire masters collection, but you won't be able to sit or sleep for a while.
rob your mother, she will forgive you.
a couple more for you

Rotomination responds:

Ive tried with wondows movie maker (didn't like it very much)
And I suck at riding a bike so If Id get a paper route Id have to go on a scooter :D
I might think about umpiring little league (Gets paid 200$ per month)


2012-01-22 23:50:33

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