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Entry #7


2009-07-14 15:56:03 by Rotomination

They finally have gotten a free flash maker but only for today so far I love it in my opinion is better then adobe flash pro
And now I can finally make a flash animation
Here is the link to it

So now Im working on a flash called "Building a Character"
Im trying to make it look as high quality as I can
It is kinda a tutorial but more for entertainment purposes

Comments are appreciated


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2009-07-14 19:07:49

I bought Sothink :P

Rotomination responds:

Well that must've pissed you off when they said you can get it for free :/


2009-07-25 09:51:34

Flash is still better though.


2009-07-31 00:59:44

So how is the Castle Crashers demo going?


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