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Hey Guys Im rotomination and Im a pretty good artist I mostly do pixel art but I love flash so I joined here I hope I can help all you guys with my artistic spriting skills (I mostly sprite pokemon beacause I just sprite them the best)

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Castle Crashers Anyone?

Posted by Rotomination - June 28th, 2009

Well hello there
Castle crashers, I have never played it before and I was hoping they would have a flash demo of the game here just like alien hominid but they didn't So I decided If their not going to make a castle crashers demo here then I will make one myself
Now Right as I'm typing Im making a sprite sheet for the blue castle crasher I am going to make the castle crashers only as sprites. Now I am very skilled with sprites but I have no experience programming so I would need a programmer to help make this. Obviously.
Now Im thinking we can do maybe the first 3 levels of castle crashers.
And also adding the feature of multiplayer.
Now Since Im looking for a programmer I have made out an application

Programmer Application:

How long have you been programming:
Examples of any flash games you helped create/made:
Have you played Castle Crashers:

I will appreciate a pm thanks~

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sweet, never played castle crashers either hope your flash demo will be like the real game. (btw do u know where i can get the actual game?).

You have to get it on Xbox live
If you can't get it there then google it :3

why not just download the demo for 360 or buy the game, its alot easier.

Because maybe I would like to make a flash demo of castle crashers for those who dont have a xbox 360

i heit u becuz yu hav more achivment points th3n me and you sux!1one1!

That is no reason to hate the achievement points dont count for anything if you want more achievement points all you have to do is play some games and if you lose keep trying

Well, I could be up for it. I'm EXTREMELY busy these few days, but I could tweak this platformer engine of mine for you. It's pretty basic, there may be some problems with the wall collision, but that's an easy fix. You can also see other examples on my userpage. What do you think:

<a href="http://spamtheweb.com/ul/upload/140709/2859_Platformer_Engine.php">http://spamtheweb.com/ul/upload/14070 9/2859_Platformer_Engine.php</a>

PM me if interested.

Well I already have a programmer sorry :P
And Im trying to make this as similar to castle crashers as possible
I appreciate your offer and comment though~

Can i use your sprite sheet cause i found it in this link

<a href="http://bakura155.deviantart.com/art/Castle-Crashers-Sprite-Sheet-B-127680919">http://bakura155.deviantart.com/art/C astle-Crashers-Sprite-Sheet-B-1276809 19</a>